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Commute GeoCalculator R&D Group

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March 28, 2023 · added a group cover image.
John Pedigo
John Pedigo

Hello! Thanks for joining this tiny startup R&D group, Femi! There has been significant progress behind the scenes, starting with the verified method for working with the Esri Network Analyst Routing Service in SOE code. Whether or not the CGC app stays with Esri-based technology, I'll soon post these steps for request/response handling which can be instrumental in building out a linear referencing system on both editing and publishing geodatabases. Also, I'm working on grant funding for this project and the company portfolio. The startup is only a year old and I'll try to make more frequent updates here about Commute GeoCalculator, the first project within the first program of the company portfolio. I have not begun screening members yet. We're on an honor system for the time being, and I welcome your serious interest, inquiry and comments. There is much to discuss, here. I have a lot of information forthcoming and hopefully the whole endeavor will begin to make sense within the next few weeks.



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